The Glaethryn are massive ursinoids. They have striped patterns in their fur, similar to those of zebras, but with fuzzier edges. The exact colors of the fur vary between subspecies. They have long, sharp claws that can retract into their hands when they aren't needed.

There are four subspecies of Glaethryn, which correspond largely with four cultural groupings (the details apply to Caligo Rektek).

The Highlanders - These Glaethryn live in the upper reaches of the tallest mountains, many living in huge keeps and monasteries. Many of them are familiar with martial arts and all are expert mountain climbers and learn how to use Kle boards, devices which they use similar to skis, at a young age. These Glaethryn most commonly mind link with hgrosts, the mammoth like creatures roaming the upper reaches, and pologna, little ursinoids who live in snow-caves built into the side of the mountains.

The Lowlanders - Actually, these Glaethryn merely live lower in the mountains than the highlanders, not actually in the "lowlands". They dwell mostly at the upper reaches of where the jungle and the mountains merge. They are known for their great ziggurats and temples carved from the solid stone of the mountains. They are sometimes called Aviary Glaethryn because of their deep respect and love for birds, similar to the Egyptians' reverence for the cat. They often wear clothes fashioned after bird feathers, and will often mind link with Calibarana birds.

The Jungle Dwellers - These Glaethryn live in the jungles. They live mostly in simple grass or wood huts in tiny villages consisting of a chief, shaman, and the various other inhabitants. They normally wear only short robes or knee shorts, but the warriors wear a from of armor known as Harvaek Mail, made from ___ bark wrapped in ___ hide and then specially treated. These Glaethryn will usually mind link with nelmesin or kraglis.

The Forest Dwellers - These Glaethryn mostly live in forests, usually sharing the nomadic lifestyle of the TTambroc. Some settle in villages and a very few live in large multiracial cities. These Glaethryn usually wear the loincloth or robe of their jungle dwelling cousins, though some tribes' hunters wear only their belt and bow when on the prowl. These Glaethryn are noted for being on good terms with the TTambroc and it is not uncommon for a hunting party of mixed race to be encountered. These Glaethryn will usually mind link with ulphrazz or betapharr, though some have been able to succesfully get a Galvorn buck to trust them enough for a mind link.


The large Glaethryn brain is stored in the upper part of the chest, between the lungs and above the heart. A thick bundle of nerves runs up parallel to the throat and esophagus, splitting near the mouth to send separate wires to the eyes, ears, nose and tongue. Because of this, varieties of synaesthesia are more common among the Glaethryn than other races. Many psychedelic drugs which cause hallucinations in other races cause synaesthesia in Glaethryn.

Glaethryn have a higher rate of true hermaphroditism than any other race except the Toaliralolo. The exact rate varies between subspecies; it is highest, about one in 1500, among the Highland Glaethryn.

There are several subspecies of Glaethryn, which vary in the thickness and color of their fur, average height, hermaphrodite rate, and so forth.

The Highland Glaethryn are adapted to slightly thinner air than others of their kind, and tend to live in mountainous regious. Their fur is thicker than that of other Glaethryn, and contains sharp-edged stripes of pale white against a dark grey background.

The Lowland Glaethryn have less thick fur than their Highland kin, and generally have light brown fur with russet stripes. About 1 in 3000 Lowlanders is a hermaphrodite.


All three groups of Glaethryn share a similar holy book, the Jhunthar, though each different group has a second, shorter, holy book, with the particulars of their faith.

The Jhunthar is divided into seven books, some of which are, in turn, subdivided into chapters, sayings, verses, etc.

The Book of Gods, Pt. I - How Hylthoc begat the other gods, how Hylthoc leaves for his sojurne to other spaces.

The Book of the Realm - How the other gods created the Realm, the begining of the races,

The Book of Gods, Pt II -

The Book of Swords - The book of legends among the Glaethryn.

The Book of Magic - The origin of their gifts

The Book of Beasts - Fables and parables about animals.

The gods in the Glaethryn mythos are:

Hylthoc - Also known as Father-mother Myst. The Parent of all of the other gods, after the last was born he left the plane of the gods for a sojurn, when he returned and found that they had created a world and had forgotten about him, she flew into a rage, trying to destroy this world. Thus ensued the War of the Realm.

Zhuvri - First born of Hylthoc. Creator of the Realm (the Caligoi), high god during the absence of Hylthoc. Leader of the Realm's forces during the War of the Realm, after which he went below, to a magically sealed cavern and went into a 11,347 year slumber. He is the God who is worshiped by the high Glaethryn.

Marqthi - Second born of Hylthoc.

Gelamri - third born of Hylthoc.

Tisithi - fourth born

Uruthri - fifth

3.5 the Jhunthar

The First Book of Gods

When Hylthoc tired of being alone, he sired Zhuvri upon himself. After an age Zhuvri was born, and after another age he was grown.

Hythloc said to Zhuvri: "Let us talk of deep matters." Zhuvri replied to Hythloc: "Let us make something more interesting." For there was nothing anywhere but Hythloc and Zhuvri.

But Hylthoc replied: "No, we are as we are and we are all there is." Then she begat another child upon herself, which called herself Marqthi.

Marqthi looked about and saw nothing, and said, "Why do we not make other things?"

But Hylthoc replied: "No, we are as we are and we are all there is." Then he begat Gelamri on herself.

Gelamri was similarly dissatisfied. So Hylthoc begat Tisithi and Uruthri.

The children of Hylthoc conversed one with another for an age. Then Hylthoc said, "O my children, I must go to a certain place for a time. Do nothing rash while I am gone, for you are yet young and your judgment is immature." So Hylthoc departed.

The Book of the Realm

When Hylthoc departed, Zhuvri said to his younger brothers and sisters, "Let us make something interesting to pass the time while our parent is away." This seemed good to the younger gods.

3.5.3 The Second Book of Gods

3.5.4 The Book of Magic

3.5.5 The Book of Swords

There was a drought in the mountains of Mirzenthiu, and many of the Glaethryn of Mirzenthiu died of thirst. So they that still lived took all they had and went to Plentamek.

The folk of Mirzenthiu said to the Glaethryn of Plentamek: "Let us draw water from your wells, for we are few and you are few, and there is water for both of us."

But the people of Plentamek said: "You may not drink from our wells, for in a short time your children and our children will be more numerous than can live here. Therefore move onward."

The folk of Mirzenthiu were tired of travelling, but they moved onward and came to Tezamiu, where lived many of the Jhotha, the soul-stealers. .....

3.5.6 The Book of Beasts


Do not form a mind-link hastily; it is as though you married the first woman you meet outside your clan.

Language - see CLGLang1.fw2


A popular spectator sport/performace art among many Glaethryn is the Sudden Masque. The playwright speaks privately with each of the players before the game begins, assigning them their roles and identities; then they costume and enter the stage or arena, and put on an impromptu play for the spectators. The playwright herself usually takes the role of Fate, and directs the story from within. There are two main forms of the Masque. In one, the players act the roles of heroes of olden time, and play a more or less realistic story. In the other, the players act the roles of gods or arcana, and enact an allegory.

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