The Quethna closely resemble Krinth, except for having bright variegated plumage year-round. Unlike the Krinth, they are carrion eaters, not hunters. They live in all the same regions as the Krinth, except Rektek. The Krinth disdain to associate with the Quethna on most occasions, but they cooperate to defend their common habitat from agricultural or industrial development. Quethna are welcome guests with the Toaliralolo, TTambroc, and Briacite, who allow them to eat their dead, but other races mostly disfavor them.

GURPS notes

The Krinth and Quethna have the advantage Winged Flight (30 points) and basic flying skill at DX (2 points).

The Krinth/Quethna inability to speak alien languages is a disadvantage worth -10 points. (Listening-only comprehension of alien languages costs only 2/3 the skill point cost of full fluency. This doesn't apply to Jhray or Jhotha languages.)

The Quethna's outcast status is a disadvantage worth -15 points. Members of most other races react to them at -3; Krinth at -6.

Normal starting Krinth or Quethna characters would be about five years old. (one level of Youth disadvantage for each half-year less than that)


Ranuth - This humour enables most Quethna to sense danger to others that might result in food being available. It does not tell them about danger to themselves, only to any animal nearby that's large enough to make a decent meal when it gets killed.

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