The Chesterton Society of Atlanta

The Chesterton Society of Atlanta generally meets once per month to discuss the works of the English essayist, novelist, apologist, poet, philosopher (etc.) G. K. Chesterton. We've been on hiatus for a while for want of a good meeting place, but we're working on getting organized again. Please go to our page to give your input about the most convenient day and time to meet, suggest a meeting location, or a book by Chesterton you'd like to discuss.

For general questions about the Chesterton Society of Atlanta, or to be added to our mailing list (low traffic; one or two emails per month with meeting announcements/reminders), email Trevor Berger (chesterton_atl at bellsouth dot net). You can subscribe to the mailing list directly by sending email to chesterton-atlanta-subscribe at googlegroups dot com.


Page last updated August 2009