Plays by Lord Dunsany

From Five Plays

"The Gods of the Mountain" -- This is the first of his plays that I read (at the Clayton State library in 1990 or '91); it is very well written, and I would like to see it acted. It combines some very hilarious scenes ("A miserly heart must be a sore affliction") with a strong but not (till near the end) overpowering sense of doom ("Yet I have a fear.").

"King Argimenes and the Unknown Warrior" -- I like this one a lot, though I am not sure exactly why.

"The Glittering Gate" -- Well-written, I suppose, but depressing.

"The Golden Doom" -- A lot of fun. ("No you don't. You think it horrid.") ("I saw it die." "That doesn't scan." "It doesn't matter.")

"The Lost Silk Hat" -- Fun too, though not as re-readable as the others.

From Plays of Gods and Men

"The Laughter of the Gods" -- very like "The Gods of the Mountain" in its mood, though the plot is much different.

"The Tents of the Arabs" -- A pleasant story.

"The Queen's Enemies" -- Very well written. Based on an episode from Herodotus's Egyptian digression.

From Plays of Near and Far

"The Compromise of the King of the Golden Isles" -- Also well-written, and good characterisation.

"Cheezo" -- likewise.

"If Shakespeare Lived To-day" -- Very amusing. Sort of like "The Lost Silk Hat," fun but not very re-readable.

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