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The Connection (TC) is a political/philosophical amateur press association (APA). Each issue consists of photocopies of pages sent in by members/subscribers. Membership is $20 for 8 issues (about one year), and entitles you to submit four pages per issue. Most of the submissions consist largely of replies to earlier submissions; people also submit articles and reviews, and sometimes short stories, poetry, art, and advertisements. The most typical subjects nowadays are political philosophy and strategy, religion and moral philosophy, conventional vs. 'alternative' science and medicine, and history. There are about 30 members as of early 2002.

I've been reading The Connection since #250 (my brother Brian gave me a gift subscription), and my first contribution appeared in TC#254. The publisher, Erwin "Filthy Pierre" Strauss, doesn't have net access at present, so I'm putting this information up on my site for him. Further down the page you'll see links to my articles and comments printed in various numbers of TC. At some point I may also link to the home pages of other TC members.

You can get a sample issue for $2.50, or an 8-issue subscription for $20, by writing to

Erwin S. Strauss
10 Hill Street, #22-L
Newark, NJ 07102

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