A Philosophy of WONDER

WONDER's not just a magazine...it's a way of LIFE! And here's a carefully selected batch of links to prove it.

What is Wonder, Anyhow?

Diary of a Fairy Child

When you were growing up, did people sometimes look at you like you had a third eye in the middle of your forehead? WONDER Magazine founder Lint Hatcher knows the feeling...and he penned this semi-autobiographical spiritual adventure story to capture it.

The Power of Imaginative Writing

Get your mental furniture rearranged as writer Barbara Parsons Linville recounts her first earth-shaking encounter with The Chronicles of Narnia.

Romanticism, Wagner, C. S. Lewis, & Me

Back to the Bible...by way of Beethoven, UFO's, Robin Hood, and 2001; A Space Odyssey. The irrepressible Dave Armstrong shares his one-of-a-kind testimony.

The Ethics of Elfland

What do fairy-tales & fantasy have to do with real life? More than you might think according to G.K. Chesterton, writing here in an excerpt from his crucial 1905 masterpiece, Orthodoxy.

The Fantastic Imagination

Explore the power of myth...with one of its greatest modern masters, legendary Scottish fantasist George MacDonald.

The WONDER Hall of Heroes

Into the Wardrobe - a C. S. Lewis Web Page

Here's the man whose life and thought gave birth to WONDER. And this particular site is generally considered to be the best Lewis page on the web.

C. S. Lewis Mega-Links Page

Just like it says -- and a fantastic resource it is. There's enough here to keep you going for years...

The G. K. Chesterton Web Page

If Lewis gave birth to WONDER, then G.K. Chesterton gave birth to Lewis -- (as Lewis himself acknowledged). All we can say is this; to encounter G.K.C. for the first time is to find a signpost pointing the way to happiness!

G. K. Chesterton Mega-Links Page

From Dave Armstrong, the same man who overwhelmed you with Lewis above. Lose yourself in the Man Who Was Chesterton!

The Golden Key -- The George MacDonald Web Page

Grandfather of all Christian Fantasists, George MacDonald pioneered the first steps to WONDER over a hundred years ago.

The J. R. R. Tolkien Information Page

Massive, smothering amounts of Tolkien information, in fact -- and all of it entirely welcome!

The Dorothy L. Sayers Society

Dedicated to the proposition that all cigar-smoking English feminist devout-Catholic detective story writers ARE NOT created equal!

Madeleine L'Engle Homepage

Click here...and a wrinkle in cyberspace will transport you to the niftiest little fan page, completely dedicated to Christian fantasy's greatest living practitioner.

It's A Wonderful Link

Hollywood Jesus

A non-cheesy Christian Movie Review site! Site-creator David Bruce has this to say: "I have been disappointed by how few Christian sites review films from a spiritual or even Christ-centered point of view. They seem to be moralistically centered. They miss the positive changes... Something powerful is happening; I think God is using our culture to talk to us." Try his approach instead... you won't always agree, but Rev. Bruce is definitely on the right track.

The Imaginarium

Latter-day Jesus Freaks Dave Canfield & Mike Hertenstein work for Cornerstone Magazine and they run this fantastic web page inspired by WONDER. Go there!

Christian Fandom Homepage

God or Godzilla? Until the late, great Ross Pavlac founded Christian Fandom a few years back, many of us had to choose! Click here if you can relate...

The Mythopoeic Society

The Mythopoeic Society is a non-profit literary organization which focuses on the study and enjoyment of myth and fantasy literature, especially the works of the Inklings (Tolkien, Lewis and Williams).

Friends of Narnia

Our favorite Narnia page, brought to you by Rodney Loewen.

The Spiritual and Cultural Role of Cinema

Poet, playwright, & pope: John Paul II personally addressed this powerful letter of encouragement to all the filmmakers of the world.

Jim Henry III Homepage

Author, Esperantist, inveterate e-texter--our own webmaster Jim Henry is the compleat WONDER Renaissance Man. Visit him at home by clicking here.

WONDER's Worldview

Answers in Action

It adds a funky twist to an SF/Fantasy mag, I'll grant you, but is the historic Christian worldview genuinely believable? Bob & Gretchen Passantino seem to think so...and maybe you will too after spending some time at their classy apologetics page.


Another of our favorite apologetics sites. Real questions get real answers here -- and all visitors are honored, no matter what their beliefs.

The Aquinas Cafe

Thomism for Dummies! Patrick & John -- "two regular guys running on caffeine and nicotine" -- are here to argue radical philosophic optimism with you into the wee small hours...

The Francis Schaeffer Page

Evangelical philosopher Francis Schaeffer was a big influence on the old print WONDER, with his theme of "the Lordship of Christ over the whole of life." Learn more about him here.

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