Position Paper on the future of HTML

More powerful linking to others' documents

When one is linking to a document by another author, it would be helpful if one could link to the first (or second, or Nth) occurrence of some search string within that document, rather than just the NAME anchors the document's author included. E.g.:

    <a href = "http://www.cockaigne.fr/antan/index.html"
    search = "jamais" occurrence = "3" zoom = "block">

would tell a browser to find the page index.html, then search for the third occurrence of the string "jamais", and display the page beginning with the top of the paragraph (or other block-level item) in which it occurs.

    <a href = "http://home.oops.com/error-explain.html"
    search = "404" zoom = "line">

would tell the browser to find the first occurrence of "404" (occurrence omitted, default to 1) and display the page beginning with the line on which "404" first appears.

At the World Wide Web Consortium's home page you can find other position papers on the future of HTML.

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Written March 1998, typo fixes September 2000.

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