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What is a humour?

Humours are genetically inherited magical properties of living creatures. They determine how one is affected by different kinds of magic. Many humours involve magical abilities.

Some humours are sex-linked, and found only in males or only in females, and some are partly sex-linked and found more often in one sex than the other. Many appear or disappear (or, more properly speaking, become active or dormant) at certain times in the course of a person's life, for example at puberty.

How do they affect my character?

Humours usually give your character some useful skill and/or power to use during the game. Also, many of the potions and magical items work differently based on different humours, so that a person with Nufmuo and a person with Aodin can drink from the same magic fountain but one be able to fly and the other die a horrible death by spontaneous combustion.

How do I determine which I have?

{This is a section Ynza wrote for an early RPG treatment of the humours, before we decided to describe such things using the GURPS system.}

Some humours are mandatory for a race, some are mandatory for a sex, some are mandatory for an age group, and some are just left to chance. The CONDITIONS column on the table tells you how common they are for your character. Refer to the chart below to see how likely it is you will get that humour (Example: You are a female TTambroc. Nufmuo is common for you; on a roll of 1-7 on a 10 sided die you would get this humour.)


           V.COMMON = 9/10 
           COMMON = 7/10 
           SOMETIMES = 5/10 
           RARE = 3/10 
           V.RARE = 1/10 

This is the frequency in *player* characters in an RPG situation. Folks in general are much less likely to have the "rare" and "very rare" humours, but these humours make more interesting or powerful characters, so...

Some humours have various variations on the asterisk ( *, (*), {*}, etc.) next to them. This indicates that you may have no more than one humour from any group with similar symbols.

When there are several humours in a group that you can only have one of, you must pick the order in which to roll for them.

GURPS notes

In GURPS terms humours are advantages or disadvantages. In many of the notes below the cost is noted; for others we haven't worked it out yet. The basis for some of this cost-accounting is the GURPS GURPS Supers and GURPS Psi sourcebooks, whose authors we thank.

Humourotics -- Scientific skill; Mental/Hard; defaults to Medicine or Xenobiology at -3.

This is the science of knowing and identifying the humours of both sentient creatures and animals. It is needed to interpret with any precision the information that the Desacasa humour (which see) gives its user. If the user does not have the Desacasa humour, he can still discover the humours of a subject by applying various potions and salves and observing their effects (which vary according to the humours of the person) if all of the substances he needs for producing these potions are available to him. In some cases, the diagnostic potions have useful or harmful effects, though most of them have been developed to such a point that their only effect is a temporary skin color change or something of the kind, which indicates the presence or absence of certain humours but does no harm or good otherwise.

Possible specialties: Humourotic diseases, humours of a specific sentient race, humours of animals, etc.

Defaults from specialties: The humourotic skill for any race inhabiting the native Caligo of the humourist defaults to his specialty at -3. The humourotic skill for any race which does NOT inhabit the humourist's native Caligo (i.e., for campaigns in which characters travel from one Caligo to another) defaults to a race-specialty at -9, or to an unspecialized Humourotics skill at -6. If the user has not specialized in humourotic diseases, he is at -3 to tell the difference between the healthy form of a humour and the rarer degenerate form.

The modern state of Humourotics in Rektek

Zildocre's great work, _Treatise on the Several Humours and the Tests For their Presence_, (abbreviated "Tests for Humours") founded the science of Humourotics. Doctors of this science are called humourists. They are called upon frequently to identify the humours of newborn babies, and also to advise general practitioners regarding some diseases affecting the balance of humours.

Other important works in the field include Zanluc's _Effects of Three Hundred and Seven Substances on Persons With Different Humours_ ("307 Effects"), Dlarkond's _Particular Inquiry into the Humours of the Pliv_ ("Pliv Humours"), and Taralath's _A Study of Some of the Humours of the Brutes_ ("Humours of Brutes").

Detailed notes on different humours

AODIN (8 points for the first level, 6 points for each additional level) -
This allows TTambroc to learn spells from the four Elemental colleges of magic. It also gives a bonus to IQ when learning spells from those colleges. The bonus is equal to (Aodin-1).

BALLAPOJ (variable point cost) -

This humour enables Blirthibo to change themselves into other creatures for a limited time (how long depends on the individual's skill and power in the humour; several hours to several days). In order to add a new creature (plant or animal) to his repertoire, the Blirthibo must devour it alive and then go into an absorption trance (within four hours of devouring the creature to be absorbed), which takes 4 hours and 10 fatigue or hit points. This cannot be done more often than HT/4 times a year. The Ballapoj humour proper dissolves at puberty (about eight years), but the Blirthibo retains the ability to transform into all creatures he has absorbed.

When transforming, the Blirthibo becomes that creature entirely -- to age, sex, coloration, state of health, and humours (losing his own humours except the Ballapoj which allows him to change back later). The actual transformation takes about 1 minute if the creature is of a similar size to the blirthibo, longer if the creature is larger or smaller. The mind of the creature remains but is subordinate to the Blirthibo's mind. However, if the creature was a sapient being, a contested WP roll is made. If the devoured creature wins, the blirthibo cannot change to that form and is locked in his current form for 2d hours. If the devoured creature got a critical success, it gains control of the blirthibo for 1d6 hours, when another contested WP roll is made. If the blirthibo gets a critical failure at the same time as the devoured creature gets a critical success, the Blirthibo permanently loses control to the devoured creature.

The active Ballapoj humour costs 30 pts. and cannot be bought by a Blirthibo over 8 years old. For each form the Ballapoja can shift to, he must spend 10% of the character points the form has (ignoring things not integral to that form, such as poverty or artifacts and mental dis/advantages.) Also remember that a pre-pubecent Blirthibo must have had opportunity to eat this creature.

BDASPO (15 pts for the first level, 10 for each additional level) -

This is the same as Magical Apptitude, and is availible to Zun and male Glaethryn.

CADACO (5 pts) -

A Zun over 120 may add to the magical power of a spell cast by another. To do this, you must spend twice the fatigue points you wish to pay to the spell. This does not count as ceremonial magic.

CIDANT (15 pts) -

This allows Pliv to form and separate compounds of metals. Make a Chemistry roll to see if you know the proper mixture. The process takes 2 minutes per kilogram of metal.

CLEDASA (30 pts.) -

This allows Glaethryn to form permanent mindlinks with animals. Any animals you have a mindlink with are listed as allies or dependents on your character sheet, and must be bought as such. If you possess the active form of this humour, you may attempt to mindlink with any animal of IQ 6 or less. To form a successful mindlink you must make an IQ-5 roll, and spend the character points to buy the ally. You gain no points for a dependent taken this way during the game.

You can speak telepathically and send and receive mental pictures with any animals you are mind-linked to. Animals tend to become more intelligent the longer they are mind-linked to you, but they very rarely become as intelligent as sentient beings.

The custom among the Glaethryn is that young men and women mind-link with their first animal in a coming-of-age ceremony soon after they develop CLEDASA. Some Glaethryn link with more over the next few years. If you want to create a character with a mind-link with an animal not native to your home area, then you must have a good story for this and pay some Unusual Background advantage cost. Some traditional animal First Mates are the pologna, the calibarana, the besytara, and the grendeg. Less usual but not unheard of are rockwaar, ulphrazz, and hgrost.

CLOKTROA (base cost 150 pts, LC:8) -
TTambroc with this humour may assume the form of any of the four elements and control the four elements. Your possessions do not change with you and if you take on water or fire forms what you are carrying may be harmed or destroyed. Taking on the form of one of the elements will constantly drain your life (take 1 point of fatigue every minute you are in a given form).

TTambroc with this ability have the super advantages Body of Air, Earth, Fire (5) and Water, and the super powers Control fire, liquid, wind and mold earth at the level bought. Skill with these powers defaults to IQ-2.

DARGNAXI (15 pts per animal mindlinked to.)
This allows Glaethryn to swap minds with the animals with which they are mind-linked. If you try to swap with an animal that is used to a drastically different body (the Calibarana for ex.), the GM has the right to decide if the animal loses contact with you and goes insane... while still inside your body...

DESACASA (10 pts.)

Glaethryn and Zun may "read" someone/thing's humours with this ability. The player must roll vs. IQ-4 or their humourotics skill level to understand the information recieved. The player learns vague info on a marginal success, with more info revealed for lower rolls, and all is revealed on a critical success. If the character gets a critical failure, he is mistaken.

GELTO (5/level.)

This allows Pliv to lay a geis on another sentient creature. The geis lasts 2 days per level. The Pliv must speak understandably to the person to place the geis. (They can also put a geis on a telepath who is scanning them.) The player should roll will + Gelto level vs. the creature's will to imprint the geis on the subject. Once the geis has been given, the creature rolls vs. their WP at -3 each day. If they get a critical success, the geis is broken, if they get a critical failure, the geis lasts an extra day. The creature gets +4 on all will rols if the geis goes TOTALLY against their nature. The geis's complexity cannot exceed the level of Gelto. (Ex: with 1 or 2 levels one can place a simple tendency or compulsion or avoidance geis; 3+ levels are needed to make someone carry out a complex task.)


JHONSTA - This is sort of a "Slithu's intuition" that allows the player to "guess" correctly when presented with a right/wrong or multiple choice question or choice. It is of little use when an open ended question is presented, and if faced with a question or choice with more than one correct answer, the Slithu will get a rather confused premonition about both/all of the correct answers, making him unsure whether those are really the right choices or not. (Equivalent to GURPS Intuition advantage (15 points) which is available only to Slithu or Briathu characters.)










OROLSA - TTambroc with this humour can, when touching objects, cause them to stretch and bend, but not break. They number of holes through an object remains constant while it is under the influence of Orolsa, but its surface area can increase or decrease, as can its volume and shape. If the target is living they must roll vs. twice its stamina to be able to affect it. If it is non living, they must roll vs. its barrier rating.



PIBATHE - Most Blirthibo from about 8 to 30 can change sex, not more than about once a year. They usually do so much less often. It is sometimes voluntary, sometimes spontaneous. The change takes two or three days, during which time the Blirthibo is unusually hungry.



PTESKANDE - The gas can be any color (white, clear, black, blue, etc.) Gas must have two of the following six properties: extreme temp, poison, horrendous odor, hologram, chemical effect, or electric shock. You must pick the color and properties of the gas when creating your character, but after that, you may alter the temperature of the gas, the appearance of the hologram, the shade of the color, etc. The gas is noble gas (it does not mix with any other gas) but its density can be controlled with its creation. Thus you can make a cloud of colorless, odorless gas that is poison to breath and has the illusion of a pile of gold in the middle. Your imagination is the only limit! The rate of production is (humour) deciliters of gas per minute and no more than your stamina in liters. The gas will break down after a number of hours equal to the humour rating.









THAROAL - Blirthibo with this humour can command sea creatures to do their will. This power does not extend to aquatic mammals or to land-creatures who happen to be swimming at the moment, nor does it extend to sapient beings, nor to sapient beings who are presently transformed into animals. A Tharoala can give a general "stay away!", "go away!", or "come this way!" command to all animals of a certain type within in range, or command in detail a single creature (or a school of creatures that naturally act together) -- not both at once.

Usual range for this power is half a mile to two miles, depending on the Blirthibo's willpower, state of health, fatigue, etc. Certain drugs can greatly extend this range, but they have nasty after-effects.

THWIXAU - Detail, power, and length of time needed to make the enchantment is left up to the GM. It is easier to augment a natural property of an object than to create a new one (ex: it is easier to make a sword extra sharp and non-rusting than to make a ring be able to cast an illusion over the wearer.)

THORAPOBO -- Blirthibo with this humour can learn spells in the sphere of water.







YLANDORO - This is an interesting humour, but a confusing one. It is probably best explained by an example. XXamralt-Fajil, a TTambroc Elementalist, is face to face with four Yith, one of which has this humour. XXamralt kills two with his bow before they get very close, but his bowstring breaks. He plans to fry the last two with a fire ball, but just as he casts it, when the applied magical energy from the spell is accumulated near his hand, One of the Yith kicks in this humour, and the spell is negated, with it's magical energy turning into kinetic energy, which rips XXamralt's hand off. The products of this "kinetic push" will usually go in the direction the spell was focused. If there was no directional focus, it pushes out in all directions but with less force. This humour does not work on long term spells such as an enchantment or animate type, only on instant or quick term spells. Similarly, it will not work on inherent powers or abilities (humours).







More humours added -- listed by race:

Jotha humours:

Xithrund - This humour allows the Jhotha to hear the thoughts of other sentient beings within a range of about one mile. To understand complex thoughts of creatures other than Jhotha, the Jhotha must know the native language of the creature. Simpler thoughts, such as "I am hungry," "I am frightened," and so on, can be understood more easily. This does not let them dig about in deep thoughts, only to pick up current surface thoughts. Jhotha do not like to hear the dreams of sleeping aliens, and have been known to waken or even kill them when maddened by their insane sleeping thoughts. Use of this sense is automatic; a Jhotha cannot block out thoughts within range without constant effort. Being in range of a large number of minds, especially alien minds, makes it difficult for a Jhotha to concentrate and may cause him to go berserk if he critically fails a stress roll.

This is similar to the GURPS psionic telereceive skill. The average Jhotha power is 14, for a range of 1 mile. It costs 3 points per level. No skill roll is required to pick up surface thoughts, but deep memories cannot be received without the Vhezalund humour. A skill roll is required to block out unwanted thoughts; the mind-shield skill is a mental/hard skill for Jhotha, defaulting to IQ-6. The only other psi skill that can be learned with simple Xithrund is Emotion Sense (which works as normal for Jhotha subjects, but is at -10 for use on aliens). The basic cost is 30 pts, unless the player takes a lower or higher power level and range than is average for the Jhotha.

Vasrik - This humour allows some Jhotha to speak telepathically to creatures who lack natural receptive telepathy. To be understood by aliens, the Jhotha must know their language, though he may be able to get across a mental image or a simple idea such as a nonspecific warning or greeting without such language skill. The dreams of sleeping Jhotha with this humour are sometimes experienced as vivid hallucinations by waking aliens in the vicinity.

The average, base level is equivalent to 14 levels (range 1 mile) of Telepathy at 5 points per level. It allows the user to learn Telesend, Mental Blow, and Sleep. Most telepathic skills are learned as Mental/Average for Jhotha (not Mental/Hard as for human telepaths under GURPS rules).

Vhezalund - This humour allows a few Jhotha to probe into, and sometimes alter or erase, the memories of other sentient beings; the subject does not have to be currently thinking about the memories, though a vhezalund probe often reminds the subject of things he has conciously forgotten or not thought of in a long while. The range is usually more limited than that of the Xithrund and Vasrik humours, generally less than a hundred meters. This can sometimes be used to learn alien languages and other mental skills. This use takes much longer than simply probing memories, but less time than would ordinarily be required to learn such skills.

The Vhezalund humour costs 5 points per level, and allows the user to learn the psi skills Telereceive (to pick up deeper thoughts than are available with Xithrund) and Mindwipe. Most Jhotha have a range of about 100 meters (power level 10), for a cost of 50 points. All telepathic skills are learned as Mental/Average for Jhotha (not Mental/Hard as for human telepaths).

Tzelyund - This humour allows most Jhotha to "read" and "write" telepathic impressions upon various objects. Maximum complexity of the message depends upon the mass of the object; a brief note could be inscribed upon a small pebble of less than an ounce, an epic would require a ton or so of rocks. The durability of the message depends upon the natural permanence of the object. A message incribed on a block of wood would be lost as soon as it began to rot; a message incribed upon soft organic matter would be lost almost immediately; a message incribed upon metal would last until it rusts or melts; etc. Brief messages are often inscribed upon durable organic matter such as Jhotha exoskeletons, eggshells, and the inner bones of other races -- for instance, to "mark" a particular alien as an enemy or friend of certain Jhotha. There are (fairly difficult) spells which allow alien mages to read, write and erase tzelyund messages (though the Jhotha language skill is required for all but detection and erasure).

Tzelyund costs Jhotha characters nothing, as equivalent to the Literacy advantage in a mostly literate culture. The *lack* of the Tzelyund humour is a disadvantage worth -15 points (similar to Illiteracy, but higher point value because the character cannot learn to read later on and buy off the disadvantage.) Skill with the Tzelyund humour is the same as that with the Jhotha language, since both the thought-language and the written language are biologically hardwired.


Llegesia humours:

Dequalant - This is essentially the same as the ESP power, limited to Psychometry skill. It costs 1 point per power level, and the maximum range is equal to the power squared in years. The use of it is a Mental/Average skill (not Hard as for human telepaths).

Yelaquisp - This humour allows some female Llegesia to exert a preservative influence over things in their vicinity. Metal rusts more slowly, wood rots more slowly, and living creatures age more slowly. It does not work upon the Llegesia himself, unfortunately, but does work upon other Llegesia. In order to function, the object or person must be in the near vicinity of the Llegesia for at least three months, with no more than brief absences. (Because of this, Llegesia tend to live longer in small communities of their own kind than in large cities, alone, or among aliens.)

Quundic -- This humour allows a few male Llegesia to reverse a recent change which something has experienced. It does not work upon living creatures (or their corpses!) but it will help to put broken things back together, set up toppled things, brighten faded paint or ink, and so forth.

It is an advantage worth 50 points. Use of it is a Mental/Average skill.

Mretik -- This humour allows a few female Llegesia to regress a living creature to an earlier age. It causes the loss of all memories acquired since the target age and all skills learned since that age. Its only socially accepted use on sentient beings is in the context of a legal trial, to punish criminals after guilt has been established by regressing them to some earlier age determined by the judges. See for example under Llegesia: Social System.

It is an advantage worth 75 points. It is fairly tiring; it costs about 1 fatigue point for each 1/20 of the subject's natural lifespan that he loses. Example: To regress a Toa' about 5 years (roughly half its natural lifespan) would cost 10 fatigue points. To regress a Zun by about 5 years (roughly 1/30 of its natural lifespan) would cost about 1 fatigue point.

Toaliralolo have no immunity to the physical effects of this humour, but they have a strong resistance against loss of memories. Other races have, in general, no resistance against either effect.


Relatozmo - This humour gives most Toa' strong resistance against any tampering with their memories, whether by spells, psionic attacks, or the Llegesia mretik humour.

Advantage cost: 3 points per level (similar to Psionic Resistance, but more selective; does not not interfere with communication, but only with certain kinds of hostile attacks). For each level, an enemy's skill roll for memory-altering spells, Mindwipe, or Mretik is at -1. The average Toa' has about two or three levels per year of age; resistance often increases with age, but if a character does not have the Relatozmo humour to begin with he cannot buy it later on.



Quecalda - This humour is a sort of psionic ventriloquism. It works in conjunction with the Nuagosa humour, and allows the user to make the phantom of himself convincing to telepathic and telekinetic senses.



Fundil - This humour allows a few male Briacite to give commands to insects. It works similarly to the Blirthibo Tharoal humour; swarm insects are easier to control than insects which ordinarily act independently.

Necloort - This humour allows some female Briacite to merge with trees. While immersed in a tree, the Briacite has no senses of her own, but experiences things through the tree's senses. She may remain in the tree for any length of time and emerge at will, but it is difficult to judge the passage of time while merged. Remaining in a tree for twelve hours or longer is an effective substitute for a full meal. If the tree is cut down, the Briacite must emerge at once, and will suffer serious injury; if it is burned, she will die.

If she tries to merge with a Jhray, it can reject her if it does not like her, either as she is entering or after she has been inside for awhile.

Xactul - This humour allows some Briacite to see the souls of living creatures and also disembodied souls such as ghosts, mist-spirits, Avengers, joyriders, elementals, and so forth. They can usually tell whether a living creature is inhabited by its own proper soul or whether it has been transformed, mindswapped, or possessed.


Sekleuj - This humour allows a few Guerrothak to change the state of an object without affecting its temperature. If the Guerrothak ceases to exert deliberate influence, it will return to the normal state for its current temperature. The Guerrothak must be touching the substance he is trying to affect. It is very tiring to use, and cannot be used for very long without exhausting the user. The mass of substance affected can be no greater than that of the Guerrothak himself.

Blefmik - (LC:10, max 4) This humour allows some female Guerrothak to learn spells from the college of fire.

For each level after the first, add 1 to effective IQ when learning spells.

Dajonak - (LC:6, max 5) This humour allows some male Guerrothak to exhale a column of fire while in reptilian form.

For each die of damage the guerrothak wishes to do, he must spend 1 fatigue point.

Ulkenak - This humour allows most guerrothak to remain comfortable at extremely high temperatures.

Goajoktul - This allows a few guerrothak to force a particular object/person to stay in its current form (solids could not melt, compounds could not be broken down, a shapeshifter such as a Guerrothak, -thon or Blirthibo could not change forms, etc.)

The cost is one fatigue for each minute that an object is in a form it should not naturally be. When used on creatures, the creature rolls vs. it's will when you first try to stop it and each minute after that, you take fatigue equal to the number of points he succeded by, and if you ever pass out, he may immediately change form.

Zun humour:

Grultac - This humours allows many Zun to travel about as spirit creatures while sleeping. While dreamwalking, the Zun can see both the material world and also spiritual creatures such as ghosts, mist-spirits, Avengers, joyriders, elementals, and so forth. They can also tell at once, when looking at a living creature, whether it is inhabited by the sort of soul which such creatures usually have or whether it has been mindswapped or transformed (e.g., a Blirthibo in one of his Ballapoj forms, a Glaethryn who has swapped into his Cledasa-animal's body, etc.). The drawback to this is that the Zun can ordinarily remember their dream-travels no more completely than most sentient beings can remember their ordinary dreams, and sometimes not at all.

Humours table

NAME      DESCRIPTION                                        RACE FOUND IN   CONDITIONS                               
BALLAPOJ  Transform into selected creatures                  Blirthibo       All Blirthibo up to 8 years              
PIBATHE   Change sex                                         Blirthibo       V. common in Blirthibo 8-30              
THAROAL   Command sea creatures                              Blirthibo       V. rare in Blirthibo over 30             
THORAPOBO Learn water spells                                 Blirthibo       Rare in Blirthibo over 30                

DELACTO   Learn some psionic disiplines                      Briacite        Sometimes in males                       
FUNDIL    Learn plant spells                                 Briacite        Sometimes Briacite                       
Fundil2   Command insects                                    Briacite        Common in male Briacite                  
HILOPO    Extend Senses when Meditating                      Briacite        Common in Briacite                       
Necloort  Merge with tree                                    Briacite        Rare in female Briacite                  
PWAST     Lend Essence to plants                             Briacite        Sometimes in Females                     
XACTUL    See life essence and spirits.                      Briacite        Rare in Briacite                         

BDASPO    Learn spells from any college                      Glaethryn       All male Glaethryn                       
CLEDASA   mind-link with animals                             Glaethryn       ALL Glaethryn 15-20                      
DARGNAXI  swap minds with mind-linked animals                Glaethryn       Rare in Glaethryn older than 20.         
DESACASA  read someone's humours                             Glaethryn       SOMETIMES IN GLAETHRYN                   
LICATONA  Negate magic directed at you.                      Glaethryn       RARE IN GLAETHRYN                        
PLEOSJA   Tell how and where an animal is hurt.              Glaethryn       ALL FEMALE GLAETHRYN                     
WYNORA    Bleach objects with touch                          Glaethryn       ALL GLAETHRYN                            
YYRUSHE   Heal wounds quickly when concentrating             Glaethryn       COMMON IN FEMALES RARE IN MALES          
ZCADABLE  Scale steep surfaces                               Glaethryn       COMMON IN MALES RARE IN FEMALES          

DELCHOND  Change from Humanoid to Reptillian form.           Guerrothak      In all Guerrothak                        
Sekleuj   Change state of object                             Guerrothak       
Blefmik   Learn spells from college of Fire                  Guerrothak      Female                                   
Dajonak   Exhale fire while reptillian                       Guerrothak       
Ulkenak   Comfort in v. high temperatures                    Guerrothak       
Goajoktul Force stability of state, prevent transformation   Guerrothak       

OROLSA    Change topology of an object                       Guerrothon      Sometimes in males, rare in females *<   
RELCHOND  Change from Humanoid to Equine form.               Guerrothon      In all Guerrothon                        
YAILONDO  Learn Spells from the college of SpaceTime ???     Guerrothon      Rare in Males, Sometimes in females *<   

Tzelyund  Read and write psi-message on inanimate objects    Jhotha           
Vasrik    Speak to non-psionic aliens                        Jhotha          Common in Jhotha                         
Vhezalund Probe and alter memories                           Jhotha          Rare in Jhotha                           
Xithrund  Hear thoughts                                      Jhotha          All Jhotha                               

KICTRAU   Control wind                                       Krinth          Rare in Krinth |*|                       
LOCU      Create Sound illusion                              Krinth          Common in Females |*|                    
ZNAPHO    Sonic Scream                                       Krinth          Common in Krinth                         

Dequalant See into recent past of object. (See notes)        Llegesia        V. Common in Llegesia                    
Mretik    Regress creature to an earlier age                 Llegesia        Rare in female Llegesia                  
Quundic   Reverse recent change in inanimate obj.            Llegesia        Rare in male Llegesia                    
Yelaquisp Preserve things in surroundings                    Llegesia        Sometimes in female Llegesia             

CIDANT    form compounds from earth elements                 Pliv            RARE IN PLIV                             
GELTO     Put geis on person                                 Pliv            SOMETIMES IN MALES (*)                   
PHRACITH  Give blessing/curse                                Pliv            SOMETIMES IN FEMALES    (*)              
PRUCTIN   Learn Spells from college of Earth                 Pliv            ALL PLIV                                 
THWIXAU   Enchant inorganic objects.                         Pliv            SOMETIMES IN MALES RARE IN FEMALES  (*)  

JHONSTA   Choose correct choice                              Slithu          COMMON IN MALES RARE IN FEMALES          
NUAGOSA   Project 3D image of yourself                       Slithu          ALL SLITHU                               
ORNAISCA  Become translucent                                 Slithu          RARE IN MALES                            
SHAGOSA   Create fixed 3D image                              Slithu          ALL MALES                                
TRAGOSA   Create moving 3D mental image                      Slithu          ALL FEMALES                              
UONDESC   Camoflauge self                                    Slithu          RARE IN MALE SLITHU                      

Kwomothau   Absorb memories of ghost                         Toaliralolo     All Toaliralolo                          
Relatosemo  Resist attacks on memory                         Toaliralolo     Common in Toaliralolo                    
Kwom'alii   Exchange memories with alien                     Toaliralolo     Rare in Toaliralolo                    

AODIN     Learns spells from the elemental colleges          TTambroc        All TTambroc                             
JROASL    "Question" and Animate two elements                TTambroc        V. Rare in Females *                     
LCUFA     Have limited control over 1 element                TTambroc        Common in males *                        
NUFMUO    "Question" one element                             TTambroc        Common in Females *                      
PLEOSJA   Tell where and how an animal is hurt               TTambroc        Sometimes in Females, Rare in males      
SCADASHB  Animate one element                                TTambroc        Common in Females *                      

CADACO    Add to the power of a spell                        Wexivinov       Sometimes in Wexivinov                   
QUIIACUI  see person as true self                            Wexivinov       Rare in Male Wexivinov                   
TOLIPA    learn certain spells                               Wexivinov       Always in males                          
TULOPI    learn certain spells                               Wexivinov       Always in females                        
URVID     Learn Psi Disiplines                               Wexivinov       Sometimes in Wexivinov                   

LICATONA  Negate magic directed at you                       Yith            RARE IN YITH                             
ROSKAPLI  Paralyze creature with eye contact                 Yith            RARE IN YITH                             
UONDESC   Camoflauge self                                    Yith            COMMON IN YITH                           
YLANDORO  Turn applied magical energy into kinetic energy    Yith            SOMETIMES IN YITH                        

BDASPO    learn any mage's spell                             Zun             V. COMMON IN ZUN       [*]               
DESACASA  Read someone's humours                             Zun             COMMON IN ZUN                            
GELTO     Put Geis on person                                 Zun             ALL FEMALE ZUN                           
Grultac   Dream-walk                                         Zun             Common in Zun                            
MNACO     Unconsious protection vs. harmful spells           Zun             IN ALL ZUN                               
TACUIN    Sporadic Precognition                              Zun             IN ALL ZUN OVER 120                      
UARGNA    Sap magical energy from spells or items            Zun             ALL MALE ZUN                             
ZYLIASP   See magical aura                                   Zun             RARE IN ZUN  [*]                         


Humourotic diseases

Many natural humours exist sometimes in one or more degenerate forms as humourotic diseases. No humourotic disease has ever been known to coexist in the same person with the natural, healthy form of the humour. In general, humourotic diseases are far rarer than the healthy forms of various humours. There exists a powerful (though generally expensive) potion which suppresses the magical effects of all humours; it is sometimes employed to suppress the symptoms of humourotic diseases, but some victims refrain from using it because they do not wish to do without the humours they posess in healthy form. More specific treatments exist for some humourotic diseases; they are noted under the entry for each.

List of humourotic diseases

Vel-Ballapoj - (Blirthibo)

This cannot be detected until the Ballapoj humour is no longer in its active form, when the patient is past puberty and can no longer absorb new creatures. Vel-ballapoj manifests itself as frequent, uncontrolled changes to and from the various creatures in the patient's transformation repertoire. In advanced stages of the disease, the patient often takes on mixed forms combining parts of his own form and parts of one or more of the creatures he has absorbed.

It is a disadvantage worth -25 points.

Bitho-thorapobo The possessor of this humour is able to learn and practice water-magic, but finds it very difficult to get spells to work correctly. Few mages are willing to teach those afflicted with it once it is diagnosed.

This is an advantage worth 10 points *minus* 3 points per level (maximum 3 levels); the user learns spells as though his IQ were lower by so many points. For a character with this disease to have more than a few very basic spells, he must pay an Unusual Background advantage cost and explain how he learned the more advanced ones.


Persons with this humour have difficulty consciously controlling their humour, but it does act in simple ways to protect them from otherwise hostile sea-creatures. Sometimes creatures will follow such a person about, he being unable to get rid of them; sometimes they will avoid him, making it difficult for him to hunt for food. They rarely act to protect him from danger.

This is an advantage costing 5 points. The character can never learn the Tharoal skill at a level higher than 6.

Vel-Hilopo - (Briacite)

This ailment manifests itself as wandering senses. The patient's senses will tend to wander about aimlessly, and deliberate effort is needed to bring them back to his body. When he tries to send them to some destination to have a look around, they do not always go where he wants them to.

This is a disadvantage worth -25 points. Whenever the character is under stress, he must roll vs. IQ; a failed roll means that his sense-focus goes wandering to some less stressful location, leaving him blind, deaf etc. in the face of possible danger. He can never learn the Hilopo skill for purposes of deliberately gathering information at any level greater than 8.

Tak-Desacasa (Glaethryn, Zun)

The degenerate form of desacasa simply does not give accurate information to its possessor.

This is not a disadvantage, because a character with this humour would generally know that he has a humourotic disease and not the proper humour.


This humour makes its possessor resistant to all magic, even beneficial or healing magic.

It is an advantage costing 10 points.

Yiv-Xithrund (Jhotha) Jhotha with this ailment have a much lower range for telepathic receptivity than is normal for their race.

For game purposes, this is simply Xithrund with a power level lower than 10. For advantage cost, see under Humours: Jhotha: Xithrund.

Vel-Xithrund (Jhotha)

Jhotha with this ailment cannot block out unwanted thoughts with any significant degree of success. Curiously, this is often combined with a considerably larger range for receptivity than is average for the Jhotha.

Subtract 25% from the cost of your Xithrund humour. You can never learn the psi-block skill at a level higher than 8.

Vel-Vaskrik (Jhotha)

Jhotha with this ailment broadcast their thoughts constantly. Most Jhotha do not notice this, because they are always receiving their neighbors' thoughts anyway. However, it makes it difficult for them to deal with aliens.

Subtract 40% from the cost of your Vaskrik humour.

Xik-tzelyund (Jhotha) Jhotha with this ailment can read tzelyund messages, but often corrupt or erase the messages in the process.

This is a disadvantage worth -5 points. Other Jhotha who know that you have this humour will react to you at -3. Any time you read a Tzelund message, you must roll vs. IQ to avoid corrupting (on a failed roll, some information is lost) or erasing (on a critical failure) the message.

Bitho-dequalant (Llegesia)

Llegesia with this ailment have difficulty getting precise information from their inquiries.

It is an advantage worth 5 points. You cannot learn the dequalant-control skill at any level higher than 8.


The possessor of this humour is able to learn and practice earth-magic, but finds it very difficult to get spells to work correctly. Few mages are willing to teach those afflicted with it once it is diagnosed.


As with Bitho-pructin and Bitho-thorapobo.

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