About the Guerrothak

The Guerrothak have two forms: a dark-skinned, flat-faced humanoid form, similar to the Wexivinov but hairier and shorter (averaging 1.3m high), and a winged reptilian form, similar to the Nelmesin (see Jungle Animals) but considerably larger. Change between the forms is generally easy, fairly rapid, and voluntary. For small children, the change is practically instantaneous, but it often happens involuntarily. For older Guerrothak (upwards of 70-80 years of age), the change usually becomes slower and more difficult. Female Guerrothak usually lay eggs in reptilian form and incubate them, although they can carry them to full term and give live birth by remaining in humanoid form for the full length of pregnancy (nearly a year).

Guerrothak reach puberty between fifteen and twenty years of age, cease to be fertile between seventy and eighty years of age, and live to be somewhat over a hundred if in good health.

In their humanoid form, the Guerrothak can mate with Guerrothon. The offspring of such unions (sometimes called 'thakathon') usually is able to take on all three forms of its parents, but is sterile.


Several gods travelling from far places met and conversed with one another, and while they conversed they idly played with the unformed stuff of worlds. They became friends, and collaborated upon building a new world and peopling it. As they formed it, there was yet no magic in the world.

When the world was made, the Guerrothak and Guerrothon were one race, and could not change their shapes. A long while later, Thak and Thon, great and terrible gods, came from somewhere beyond the world and overthrew the old gods. (Millenia later, these returned, much weaker, as the Lost Gods.) These two ruled for a long while over all living creatures before they departed again. They did marvelous things with the various sapient races, imparting magical humours to many, but they took especial favor upon the Guerro, to whom they gave their own forms, but at the cost of separating them into two distinct races. (Some say that in the process of imparting magical humours, they also sundered the Briacite from the Slithu, who were once a single race.) In the course of their works, they made the mists to separate one part of the world from another, so as to see what would happen when certain races were confined in small areas with others.

After awhile they left, or at any rate became more subtle, and have not acted in obvious miracles since the Sundering.

The Guerrothak give particular honor to Thak, and the Guerrothon particular honor to Thon, but each race gives reverence to both of them. Some also give honor to the Lost Gods, but carefully, so as not to give offence to Thak and Thon.

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