The Guerrothon, like the Guerrothak, are "weres" of a sort. Their "base" (humanoid, or really 'wexivinoid') form is dark skinned, flat of face, almost identical to that of a Guerrothak, with the only differences so slight that only they and the Guerrothak can tell if a "base form" Guerrothon is not really a "base form" Guerrothak. Their other form is also mammalian: eight-legged, horned, herbivorous. (They somewhat resemble a grendeg in this form.) Their preferred habitats are mountainous regions.

In their humanoid form, the Guerrothon can mate with Guerrothak. The offspring of such unions (sometimes called 'thakathon') usually is able to take on all three forms of its parents, but is sterile.


The Guerrothon, like the Guerrothak, have two languages. The first is similar to the Guerrothak "base form" language (identical, in those places where they live together). The second, their language used in equine form, sounds much like a horse's whinny's and relies on volume, pitch, length, and tone to convey messages.

Guerrothon names usually begin and end with a consonant but contain mostly vowels. There is no restriction on length, though they usually tend towards 3-6 sylables.


Similar to that of the Guerrothak. There are two great temples, one to Thak and one to Thon, in each Caligo; also, there are smaller shrines to Thon in each settlement of Guerrothon, besides altars to the Lost Gods. Triannual great sacrifices to Thak and Thon are made at the temples, smaller sacrifices more often at the shrines. After each sacrifice, a much smaller one is offered to each of the the Lost Gods. (The sacrifices to all of the Lost Gods together should add up to 15/16 of the sacrifice offered to Thak and to Thon.) Small, informal worship is held at the local shrines each morning at dawn.

Social System and Culture

The Guerrothon are typically patriarchal (males have more formal authority) and matrilineal (inheritance is through one's sisters' children to one's nephews and nieces, not though one's wife to one's children). Most Guerrothon tribes practice polygyny.

The chief arts cultivated by the Guerrothon are dance and 'movie' sculpture.

In temperate or tropical climates they typically wear only a loosely slung backpack when in wexivinoid form, which becomes a kind of saddlebag when they change to their grendegish form.

Though their wexivinoid form is potentially omnivorous, nearly all Guerrothon are vegetarians even in this form.


OROLSA - This humour enables its possessor to change the shape of inanimate things he touches. Most Guerrothon with this humour can change only small things they're touching directly. A few can change larger things or things at some distance from them.

Advantage cost: 10 points, plus 3 points per level for affecting a larger mass or 3 points per level for affecting things at a greater distance. For mass, use the Psychokinesis table (GURPS Basic Set 3/e p. 172) - the basic (10-point) power level with this humour affects 1/2 pound. For distance, use the Telepathy range table (p. 167). Total 'extra levels' (mass and distance) shouldn't total more than 10 for player characters.

YAILONDO - This humour enables its possessor to learn and cast spells relating to spacetime. Typical spells:

Cost: 10 points for first level, 6 points for each additional level

OROLSA    Change topology of an object                       Guerrothon      Sometimes in males, rare in females *<   
RELCHOND  Change from Humanoid to Equine form.               Guerrothon      In all Guerrothon                        
YAILONDO  Learn Spells from the college of Spacetime         Guerrothon      Rare in Males, Sometimes in females *<   

Humourotic diseases

Bitho-Yailondo - Guerrothon with this ailment can learn and cast spacetime spells, but they rarely work correctly.
Advantage cost: 5 points. No spell skill can be higher than 8.

Bith'orlosa - Guerrothon with this ailment tend to change the shape of things they touch (or other nearby things, in severe forms) unintentionally, especially when tired or nervous.

ev-Relchond - A few Guerrothon (about in in 100,000) have an octopodal form of the opposite sex from their wexivinoid form. They cannot change form while pregnant.
Disadvantage value: -15 points for -3 reactions from other Guerrothon.

GURPS notes

The Guerrothon's eight-legged form has a typical ST of 20, DX of 15, HT of 12 and IQ of 9 (+175 points). (Whatever a Guerrothon character's IQ when in wexivinoid form, she will have an IQ 1 point lower in octopodal form.) This form also has the advantages Acute Hearing (+5, 10 points) and Acute Taste and Smell (+3, 6 points) and the disadvantages No Fine Manipulators (-30 points), Mute (-20 points; in this form they can't pronounce any language than their native one), Bad Sight (-10 points). Their ability to shapeshift easily and often is worth 10 points. Base cost: 141 points.

D&D notes

	"Base" form:

	ST: 0  IN: 0  WI: 0  DX: 0  CO: 0  CH: 0  PR: 0  PW: 0

	Equine form:

	ST: +2 IN: -1 WI: -1 DX: +2 CO: +2 CH: 0  PR: -2 PW: +1

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