lipu pi toki pona pi jan Jakopo

toki pi AEI ali pi toki pona (Pangrams)

I've devised several pangrams (short sentences using every letter in the Toki Pona alphabet).

Mi faris plurajn cxiuliterhavajn frazetojn por Tokipono.

Here are two self-enumerating pangrams. The first uses the full power of the Toki Pona number system; the second cops out (or perhaps respects the spirit of TP more?) and uses "mute" whenever the number of instances of a letter is greater than 15. I generated them with Perl scripts; see in

Phoneme frequency table / Ofteco de fonemoj

I analyzed a 10KB corpus of texts (some from the Toki Pona mailing list, some from jan Pije and Yves Prudhomme's sites) and analysed them with a Perl script to get these frequencies. This doesn't consider syllable-final 'n' a distinct phoneme from syllable-initial 'n'; I'll need a more sophisticated script for that.

Mi analizis 10-litermilan tekstaron en Tokipono kaj trovis la jenajn oftecojn por la fonemoj de Tokipono:

  0.172     a
  0.148     i
  0.116     n
  0.102     l
  0.077     o
  0.074     e
  0.051     k
  0.046     t
  0.044     m
  0.041     s
  0.037     p
  0.032     u
  0.030     j
  0.028     w

Analyzing the raw dictionary (just the root words) gave these frequencies (absolute, not relative):

Analizo de la vortaro (radikaro) liveras jenajn oftecojn (absoluta kalkulo de cxiu fonemo, ne relativaj):

   72   a
   55   i
   47   n
   43   l
   40   e
   35   o
   29   k
   28   s
   25   p
   23   u
   21   m
   15   t
   14   w
   10   j

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