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Conlang scripts is a collection of Perl, Awk and shell scripts I and others have written for dealing with various conlangs' lexica, corpora, etc.

Most of the others would need to be edited in some way to work with languages other than those whose orthography/phonology they were written for.

1996 Conlang archives

Here are some messages I saved in 1996 from the Conlang mailing list. I discovered that the list archives at and Yahoo Groups don't go back that far, so I'm making these available.

Conlang list archives from 1991-1994 are available at

Archives from 1998 to the present are at:

The list is currently hosted at; Yahoo Groups mirrors it. I personally prefer the web interface at (no advertisements), but if you already have a Yahoo Groups account it may be convenient to use that and not have to create a new account to subscribe directly through Be warned that the Yahoo mirror is not supported and that if you have any problems with it the list administrator will tell you to unsubscribe at Yahoo and subscribe through

The site has a better search and threading capability than the other sites, but it does not let you subscribe, unsubcribe or change your subscription options. Recently, the mirroring function has been broken; Henrik Theiling knows about this but hasn't had time to fix it. So the most recent threads from CONLANG can only be viewed at the other two sites.

My own messages posted to the Conlang list since 1999

I've omitted the trivial ones. See the page on gjâ-zym-byn for links to messages specifically about gjâ-zym-byn and my experiences learning and using it.

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