James (Jim) T. Henry III

P.O. Box 2907
Stockbridge, GA   30281

Shorter version of this: Résumé

Relevant Experience:


Systems Developer, CoreCard Software, Norcross, Georgia
(earlier was called Delos Payment Systems; a spin-off of Paysys International)

  • With one other developer, built simulator of Visa/MasterCard networks for testing a commercial credit card application. I was chiefly responsible for the network code and the configuration file parser. We built the simulator using Visual C++ 6.0, MS SQL Server 7.0, and Delos' house language (to re-use code for generating and parsing Visa/MasterCard messages). It has been used extensively for regression and stability testing of CoreCard's chief product.
  • New features and defect fixes for the interpreter of CoreCard's house language, including:
    • automatic configurable restart, with or without machine reboot
    • rewrite of configuration file parser for the language's network protocol to make it easier to add new configuration variables
    • improvements to the efficiency of the network protocol
  • Occasional build shepherd (managing official build process: announcing code freeze, being first to investigate defects discovered by the testing team and assigning them to appropriate developers, deciding what check-ins to allow during freeze, and deciding when to lift the freeze or branch the source control database)

Systems Developer, PaySys International, Norcross, Georgia

  • Developing new features for the interpreter of PaySys' house language (written with MS Visual C++ 6.0, with Unix portability in mind), including:
    • new expression functions for time and string manipulation
    • enhancements to network protocol so a job done acknowledgement message could carry a payload with information about its context
  • Developing financial systems software using PaySys' house language
  • Defect fixes in the above-mentioned systems
  • Writing Perl scripts for testing PaySys' web applications
  • Writing bash/awk scripts to analyze multi-megabyte trace files from a financial transaction processing system
  • Writing and editing feature requirements documents, configuration file format documents, sections of the reference manual for PaySys' house language, and the like
  • Support of testing team
  • Occasional build shepherd

Software tester, PaySys International

  • Performed regression tests
  • Developed new test plans
  • Automated regression and performance tests using WinRunner, LoadRunner and shell scripts
  • Improved daily/official build process with automation shell scripts and clearer procedure documents
  • Redesigned (with two others) schema for regression test database

Student computer lab assistant, Clayton College & State University, Morrow, Georgia

  • Helping students use diverse application software
  • Maintaining and upgrading the lab's Web page
  • Giving presentations to freshman classes on email & word processing
  • Writing instructions for starting and using various programs
  • Developing course outline and student materials for File Management workshop course
  • Teaching file management workshop
1997-present Consulting and tutoring for various individuals in PC basics, application use, and programming; especially MS Access 97, C++, and awk
1991-1993 Released several programs (one game and several utilities) as shareware; two have received registrations.
1992 Wrote several programs using QuickBASIC to process Henry County voter list for Fred Parker, County Commission candidate.


1993-1998 Clayton College & State University, Morrow, Ga., Bachelor of Business Administration in Computer Information Systems. Graduated June 1998. GPA: 3.97.


Programming languages:

My primary strengths are in text processing - writing format converters, parsers, and the like.

Technical writing experience:


Natural languages: English, French (written)

Constructed human languages: Esperanto, toki pona

Volunteer activities and scholarly work:

2009-present Copy-editing and peer review for articles submitted to theJournal of the Language Creation Society
March 2009 Presented talk "The Languages of our Souls: Conlangers' Fluency in their own Conlangs" at the third Language Creation Conference
2007-present Conducting survey and doing other research on conlangers who are to some degree fluent in their own conlangs
July 2007 Presented talk on Glossotechnia at the Language Creation Conference
2007-present Developing and playtesting Glossotechnia, a language invention card game 2005-2006 Primary local organizer for the first Southeastern Regional Esperanto Convention, Helen, Georgia, March 31-April 2 2006
2005-present Proofreading and formatting pages at Prject Gutenberg Distributed Proofreaers
2004 Made recordings of panels, readings, and concerts at Noreascon 4 for the Science Fiction Oral History Association
2004-present Head of the Permanent Convention Committee for Esperanto USA (formerly the Esperanto League for North America); recruited local groups to run conventions, and did a varying amount of work on each convention depending on the size and activity of the local convention committee
2003-present (mainly 2003-2006) Writing and editing articles for Wikipedia
1998-present Webmaster and mailing list administrator for the Esperanto Society of Metro Atlanta
1999-2000 One of the local organizers of the annual convention of The Esperanto League for North America, 18-21 May 2000
1999-2000 Webmaster of WONDER - the Children's Magazine for Grownups
1998-2001 Instructor for the free Esperanto email course
1988-1997, 2001-2002 Counselor, Cystic Fibrosis Camp of Georgia.
1990-1996 Occasional speaker for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation; speaking to social clubs, church youth groups, etc. about CF and the CF Foundation
1986-1998 Fund-raising for Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
1995-1996 Directed Henry County campaign for Lamar Alexander for President
1990 Campaigning for Paul Johnson, School Board candidate
1990 Campaigning for Fred Parker, County Commission candidate
1990-1991 Smoke-free environment campaign at Egleston Children's Hospital
1992, 1994, 1996, 1997 Delegate to Henry County Republican Convention
1995, 1996, 1997 Delegate to Georgia State Republican Convention

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