James (Jim) T. Henry III

P.O. Box 2907
Stockbridge, GA 30281

Longer version of this: C.V.


A systems or application development position using C/C++, Perl, or both.

Relevant Experience:


Systems Developer, CoreCard Software, Norcross, Georgia
(CoreCard was originally named Delos Payment Systems; it was a spin-off of PaySys International)

  • With one other developer, built simulator of Visa/MasterCard networks for testing a commercial credit card application. I was chiefly responsible for the network code and the configuration file parser. We built the simulator using Visual C++ 6.0, MS SQL Server 7.0, and CoreCard's house language (to re-use code for generating and parsing Visa/MasterCard messages). It has been used extensively for regression and stability testing of Delos/CoreCard's chief product.
  • New features and defect fixes for the interpreter of CoreCard's house language, including:
    • automatic configurable application restart, with or without machine reboot
    • rewrite of configuration file parser for the language's network protocol to make it easier to add new configuration variables
    • improvements to the efficiency of the network protocol
  • Wrote NT command shell, awk and SQL scripts to automate the daily process of running financial workflows for CoreCard's first beta-test customer, and independently verifying the accuracy of our product's financial calculations.
  • Occasional build shepherd (managing official build process: announcing code freeze, being first to investigate defects discovered by the testing team and assigning them to appropriate developers, deciding what check-ins to allow during freeze, and deciding when to lift the freeze or branch the source control database)
  • Fixes to defects in the user interface of our commercial credit card application

Systems Developer, PaySys International, Norcross, Georgia

  • Developed new features for the interpreter of PaySys' house language (written with MS Visual C++ 6.0, portable to GNU g++ for Unix), including:
    • new expression functions for time and string manipulation
    • enhancements to network protocol so a job done acknowledgement message could carry a payload with information about its context
    • enhancements to audit trace functionality and configuration file parsers
  • Developed financial application software using PaySys' house language
  • Defect fixes in the above-mentioned systems
  • Wrote Perl scripts for stress-testing PaySys' web applications
  • Wrote bash/awk scripts to analyze multi-megabyte trace files from a financial transaction processing system
  • Wrote and edited software requirements documents, configuration file format documents, sections of the reference manual for PaySys' house language, and the like
  • Supported QA testing team

Software tester, PaySys International

  • Performed regression tests
  • Developed new test plans
  • Automated regression and performance tests using WinRunner, LoadRunner and shell scripts
  • Improved daily/official build process with automation shell scripts and clearer procedure documents

Student computer lab assistant, Clayton College & State University, Morrow, Georgia

  • Helping students use diverse application software
  • Maintaining and upgrading the lab's Web page
  • Writing instructions for starting and using various programs


1993-1998 Clayton College & State University, Morrow, Ga., Bachelor of Business Administration in Computer Information Systems. Graduated June 1998. GPA: 3.97.


Programming languages:

My primary strengths are in text processing - writing format converters, parsers, and the like - and in network programming.


Natural languages: English, French (written), Esperanto

Volunteer activities:

1999-2000 One of the local organizers of the annual convention of The Esperanto League for North America, 18-21 May 2000
1999-2000 Webmaster of WONDER - the Children's Magazine for Grownups
1998-2001 Instructor for the free Esperanto email course
1988-1997, 2001-2002 Counselor, Cystic Fibrosis Camp of Georgia.

Last revised October 2002

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