From:           	"Randy Dean" 
To:                   < .... diversaj .... >
Subject:        	kongresa bulteno - information about the 2000 ELNA conference 
Date sent:      	Thu, 11 May 2000 23:54:49 -0400

[english follows]

  Do, la kongreso venas pli kaj pli proksime al ni.  Cxi tiu estas la nura
  bulteno pri la 2000 ELNA landa kongreso.  

  La (malneta) horaro haveblas cxe
Se vi ne havas aliron al la interreto, bv tuj petu de mi e-posxtan version
de tiu.

Mi sxatus noti kelkajn gravajxojn:
Registrigxo komencigxas je la 3a ptm jxauxde la 18a.
La interkona vespero komencigxas je la 7a ptm jxauxde la 18a.
Se estas alia Aikidulo inter la kongresanoj, kiu pretus helpi S-inon
TAKENAKA, bv e-posxti al sxi cxe antaux la 15a aux
kontaktu sxin cxe la kongreso.

MARTA (tio estas nia transporta sistemo) kartoj haveblos cxe registrigxo. 
Ankaux acxeteblos pluraj kartoj por nekongresanoj kontraux $9.

(la direktoj al la kongresejo mi nur faros angle, vidu sube)

Ni ege anticipas vidi vin!


  The ELNA conference is rapidly approaching.  This will be the only
  buletin for the 2000 annual conference.

The (tentative) agenda is available at If you don't have
access to the web, please e-mail me immediately to ask me to e-mail this
to you.

I would like to note a few important things:
Registration begins at 3pm on Thursday the 18th.
The get-to-know-everyone evening begins at 9pm on the 18th.
If there are any other participants who know Aikido, who would be willing
to help Ms. TAKENAKA, please e-mail her at or contact
her at the conference.

MARTA (that is the transport system here) cards will be available at
registration.  There will also be extra cards available for purchase for
non-participants at a cost of $9 a card.

The conference will be at the Ramada Downtown Atlanta at 70 John Wesley
Dobbs AVE, Atlanta GA 30303 (404) 659-2660

The easiest way to get to the conference hotel is by MARTA.  One MARTA
token costs $1.50 and takes you anywhere one-way in the system.  There is
quite a bit of information on MARTA available at

The hotel is two streets over from the Peachtree Center (N1) station which
is on the North (Dunwoody) and Northeast (Doraville) rail lines.  There is
a MARTA station in the airport (Airport - S7), and at the Greyhound
station (Garnet - S1) from either of which you would just take a
north/northeast bound train to Peachtree Center.  >From the Amtrak
station, take bus 23 south to Arts Center Station (N5) and then catch a
southbound (Airport) train to Peachtree Center. O