This is intended as a model letter to be sent to a hotel you've talked with about the possibility of hosting the Esperanto League for North America's national convention. I took the actual letter I sent to the Ramada Inn Atlanta in late 1999, fixed some stuff, deleted some too specific things, and added more based on the experience of other convention organizers since then. It can probably stand some further improvement. The idea is that eventually we will have a letter that a future Loka Kongresa Komitato can simply copy, make a few minor edits, and send. More extensive edits would be needed to make it suitable to ask a university for a proposal; I'll probably make a separate letter for that purpose later on.


[your name]
[your local Esperanto society's name]
The Esperanto League for North America (ELNA)

[your contact information]

Dear [name of events coordinator at hotel],

Following up on our earlier conversation, here is the detailed list I promised of the hotel needs for the Esperanto League for North America (ELNA)'s national convention. Please send a proposal with prices at your earliest convenience.

Possible dates:
[list of weekend date ranges, Friday through Monday unless you've decided there is a good reason to pick another range]

  1. A meeting room with conference seating for 14 people (ELNA's board of directors) Friday from about 9am to 5pm.
  2. Possible lunch catering for the meeting above; please quote prices.
  3. A room with round tables seating for 100, for a social gathering Friday evening about 7pm-10pm.
  4. Snack food catering for this meeting.
  5. A room with lecture seating for 100, the opening ceremonies Saturday morning.
  6. The same for closing ceremonies Monday from 11am-noon.
  7. At least two (perhaps three) rooms for workshops/lectures/discussion groups, suitable for about 40-60 people, all day Saturday and Sunday, and Monday until 11am. (This could be the same as large room above, with dividing walls added/removed as needed.) Some rooms will need lecture seating, some circular discussion group seating, and some will probably need tables; we will arange details a few days before the convention, when we have finalized the program.
  8. A room for a banquet, and the banquet catering itself, on Saturday evening. We will give you a count of vegetarians, vegans and meat-eaters, and information about convention attendees' food allergies, at least twenty-four hours before the banquet.
  9. The same or a similar room for another social gathering Sunday evening.
  10. A room suitable for displaying and selling books and other materials at various times Saturday-Monday, with at least 4, preferably up to 10 long tables. If possible, we want to have access to it beginning sometime Thursday, so the director of ELNA's book service can set up the books before the board meeting begins on Friday. We must be able to lock this room when it's not staffed; the director needs to have the keys.
  11. A block of bedrooms reserved for the convention attendees. The number of attendees has varied in recent years from 50-100. Some will be rooming together, so we will probably fill at least 25 rooms per night and may need up to 75 rooms per night. The attendees will make their own reservations; anyone mentioning "Esperanto", ELNA, or [your local Esperanto society's name] should be able to get the convention price for the room. In addition to the larger block reserved on Friday through Sunday nights, we will need 15 rooms reserved on Thursday and Monday nights for the board members and others who come early and/or stay late.
  12. A table in the lobby for convention registration Friday through Sunday.
  13. A wide stairway reserved for a few minutes at some point for a group photo.
  14. A reservation of the hotel swimming pool for a few hours on Saturday or Sunday afternoon
  15. A hotel suite or smaller meeeting room with comfortable chairs, sofas, etc., suitable for continuous socializing during and between the more formal program items.
  16. Coffee, tea, and snack food catering for the above room Saturday through Monday morning, if not too expensive; or waiver of corkage charge so we can supply more modest snacks.
  17. Permission to put up signage (in whatever wall-safe format you approve of) in halls and outside each meeting room we are using, and a bulletin board in some suitable central location.
  18. Synchronization of all clocks in all meeting rooms to the correct time shortly before the convention.
  19. VHS and DVD player, cassette tape player and recorder with microphone, television, overhead projector and screen, whiteboard with markers and eraser, etc., as needed for various program items; we will supply you with a detailed list and schedule of what we need, in which room, when, a week or so before the convention, after we hear from all the presenters.

If the board of directors approves your proposal and we sign a contract, we will need some additional information from you:

  1. A technical support phone number for when we need help with various equipment, which should reach a real person, not an answering machine
  2. Floor plans of the hotel for showing our meeting areas in the convention program book.
  3. Directions to the hotel by car and public transportation from the airport and the nearest Amtrak and Greyhound stations.
  4. Rules of the hotel including check-out time, to be printed in the program book.

Please [fax / email / express mail] your proposal and state the dates available, the cost for board meeting lunch, mixer evening snacks, and banquet catering, and the minimum bedrooms rented per night required for free or discounted meeting spaces.

The contract will be between the hotel and ELNA, but the local group will do preliminary negotiations. Once we have a satisfactory contract and the board of directors approves it, we will ask you to send it to the ELNA's central office to be signed by the director and returned.

Thank you for your time.


[your name]

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