These abbreviations used in the interlinear glosses are based chiefly on those from the Leipzig Glossing Rules, plus several new ones devised to fit the categories marked in gjâ-zym-byn's grammar.

1, 2, 31st, 2nd, 3d person animate pronouns
3.GENgeneric third-person pronoun
3.INANthird-person inanimate pronoun
ADJadjective or adverb, depending on context
ADJ2 adjective suffix meaning "pertaining to" the radical
AFFaffectionate attitudinal suffix
AGTagentive case postposition root
ATD1 attitudinal affix: affection
ATD2 attitudinal affix: respect
ATD3 attitudinal affix: ambivalence
ATD4 attitudinal affix: dislike, hatred
ATD5 attitudinal affix: surprise, awe, consternation
ATTattentive case postposition root; in some contexts, a verb root meaning "pay attention to"
CAUScausative suffix
CAUS2 attempted causative
CMTcomment case postposition root
COLLcollective suffix, whole set of ~ everywhere
COMP / CMPcomparative/superlative suffix
CONJconjunction-forming suffix
DEM1first-person demonstrative
DEM2second-person demonstrative
DEM3third-person demonstrative
EVD evidentiality/validationality/attitude suffix
EXP experiencer case postposition
FUTfuture tense adverb
FUZZYfuzzy logic particle; yes and no to some degree
GNR generalizer suffix
HAB habitual aspect particle
IMPimperative particle
IMP.NEGnegative imperative particle
MET metaphor suffix
METONYM metonymy suffix
NAMEpersonal name marker suffix
NAME.Pplace name suffix
NAME.Ffamily name suffix
NAME.Eethnicity or nationality name suffix
NAME.Llanguage name suffix
NAME.Tforeign title suffix
NAME.Ggeneric name suffix (for all other kinds of foreign names)
NEGnegative particle
NMZ nominalizer clitic
OPP1opposite (complement of pair) suffix
OPP2opposite quality suffix
ORDordinal number suffix
ORD.Ttemporal ordinal number suffix (the Nth hour, day of month, etc.)
ORD.Dday-of-week ordinal number suffix (the Nth day of the week)
PATpatient case postposition root
Q.WHWH-question clitic (forms "who", "where", etc.)
Q.YNyes-no question clitic (like "ĉu" in Esperanto, but postpositive)
Q.YN.PLANyes-no question clitic used for asking for agreement with proposed plan
QUAL idiomatically selected quality of the stem
QUOTEbegin-quote conjunction (there is no corresponding end-quote particle, as in Lojban or Konya)
RELrelativizer clitic
RESPrespectful attitudinal suffix
ROTrotate 90 degrees, vertical to horizontal or vice versa
SPEC specifier suffix
TOPtopic case postposition root
V.ACTactive verb suffix
V.RECPreciprocal verb suffix
V.REFLreflexive verb suffix
V.STATEstative verb suffix
VOCvocative particle

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