A Dinosaur Comics pastiche in gjâ-zym-byn

Dinosaur Comics is by Ryan North; every strip has the same art, but different words. This is not a translation into gjâ-zym-byn of a particular Dinosaur Comics strip, but rather a pastiche of Ryan North's writing style, in which T. rex and friends talk about the semantics of a couple of important gzb mindstate words.

{bě'lâm} and {mwĭň}

(Dinosaur Comics image)
ŋě'mu-źa pâŋ-tan tu-i twâ-zô Φǒ:
lizard-AUG lord-like AGT-at say-V.ACT QUOT
T. rex says:
{*gě'dĭm mĭ-i -Ќ- gju bě'lâm-za kujm-o gě'dĭm ŋĭn-i.}
day DEM1 TOP-at deem-1-V.ACT speech embarassment-ADJ2 purpose-to day CMT-at
"Today is a good day I think for talking about embarassment!"
ŋ,p,: {* hum-ga- .}
T. rex: topic deep-METAPH-ADJ behold
T. rex: "It's an important subject!"
ŋ,p,: {?bě'lâm--ť-van zǒn.}
T. rex: embarassment-tending-2-V.STATE Q.YN
T. rex: "Do you tend to get embarassed?"
ŋě'mu-źa drě'mâj-tan tu-i twâ-zô Φǒ:
lizard-AUG emu-like AGT-at say-V.ACT QUOT
Dromiceiomimus says:
{purj i. ĉǒ Ќ kâ-i rĭm-Ł-van, vĭj i -řŋ-Ќ- ~~~}
circumstances certain at if 1 ATT-at see-3GEN-V.STATE time REL at digestion-out.of-1-V.ACT ...
"Under certain conditions. For instance, if someone sees me excreting..."
ŋ,p,: {*hwǒ, purj i bě'lâm-Ќ-van mew.}
T. rex: INTJ circumstances DEM3 at embarassment-1-V.STATE too
T. rex: "Whoa, in those conditions I get embarassed too!"
ŋěw'sĭm juta-wam-dal: {bě'lâm ðe mwĭň mĭ-i dlâw-Ł-van dî'fu-zô.}
raptor Utah-NAME.P-from embarassment.violated.privacy contrast embarassment.topic TOP-at duty-3GEN-V.STATE difference-V.ACT
Utahraptor: "One must distinguish embarrassment at violated privacy from embarrassment at talking about emotionally sensitive subjects."
ŋ,p,: {vǒm vǒm ~~~ mǒj ~~~}
T. rex: yes yes ... but ...
T. rex: "Of course... but..."
ŋ,j,: {?mǒj .}
Utahraptor: but thing Q.WH
Utahraptor: "But what?"
ŋ,p,: {dî'fu mĭ-i mwĭň-Ќ-van.}
T. rex: difference DEM3 TOP-at embarassment.topic-1-V.STATE
T. rex: "I get embarassed talking about the difference."
ŋ,j,: {?gân ř.}
Utahraptor: cause Q.YH from
Utahraptor: "Why?"
ŋ,p,: {ce mĭ-i vy-Ќ-van heŋ gju-zô.}
T. rex: this TOP-at intend-1-V.STATE not speak-V.ACT
T. rex: "I don't want to talk about it."
twâ-zô ku-faj-fja ŋ,p,: {mwĭň gân-ř gju-ta-van.}
say-V.ACT hear-able-barely T. rex: embarassment cause-from behold speech-without-V.ACT
T. rex says quietly: "See, this embarassment leaves me speechless."

Last updated March 2012