The Wolf and the Lamb
by Æsop (or someone else of the same name)

Translated 2005/8 from an English version by Joseph Jacobs in the Harvard Classics. (Key to abbreviations)

ajsǒpǒs-ram dâm-ř θuň {lěpyr pe běrînku-ĵĭn}
AEsop-NAME authorship-from story "wolf and sheep-young"

vĭj mje i, fuŋ ř pwĭm ĥy-i vâ-oŋ-zô
time certain past at spring from water PAT-at digestion-into-V.ACT
lěpyr tu-i. re i θ-i-j ŋy mětyr srǒ i,
wolf AGT-at place at below-at-near distance meter several at
sĭ-ny sâm-bô ř vâ-oŋ-zô běrînku-ĵĭn
river-small same-ADJ from digestion-into-V.ACT sheep-young
mew tu-i. ƥ kâ-i rĭm i, zym-zô lěpyr tu-i
also AGT-at 3 ATT-at seeing when think-V.ACT wolf AGT-at
Φǒ: ŝâj-i mrân gǒ, kujm-ŋĭn rjâ-i
QUOTE 1 possession-to feast behold motive-comment seek-at
ðu-van zym-tru-zô bǒ.}
able-V.STATE think-find-V.ACT if

Once upon a time, a wolf was drinking from a spring. A few meters downstream from there, a lamb was drinking from the same stream. Seeing this, the wolf thought "There's a feast for me, if I can come up with an excuse."

běrînku ŋâw-o twâ-ƥ-zô Φǒ: {?kujm o ĥy-i
sheep call-to say-3-V.ACT QUOTE motive Q.WH to river PAT-at
ĥâm-fwa-ť-zô, tyn-lǒ i vâ-oŋ-Ќ-zô.}
dirt-CAUS-2-V.ACT place-REL at digestion-into-1-V.ACT

He said to the lamb, "Why are you muddying the water where I'm drinking?"

ƥ-ĵĭn tu-i twâ-zô Φǒ: {ce heŋ. re i ĥâm-da ŋĭn-i
3-young AGT-at say-V.ACT QUOTE this not at dirt-full CMT-at
pwĭm mĭ-i bǒ, mǒj ce mĭ-i Ќ gân-ř še heŋ,
water TOP-at if but this TOP-at 1 cause-from possibly not
ŝǒn ť s-ř Ќ θ-o flu-van mĭ-i.}
therefore 2 above-from 1 below-to flow-V.STATE river TOP-at

He said, "That's not so. If the water is dirty, it can't be because of me, because the stream flows down from you to me."

frâ-zô jǒj lěpyr tu-i Φǒ: {?gân ř
ask-V.ACT again wolf AGT-at QUOTE cause Q.WH from
fîsuň-bly se-cĭ-pa i Ќ mĭ-i gju-ť-zô sâ-cô-bô.}
Earth-orbit minus-one-ORD at 1 TOP-at speak-2-V.ACT approval-OPP2-ADJ

The wolf asked: "Why did you talk bad about me last year?"

frâ-θaj-zô běrînku-ĵĭn tu-i Φǒ: {ce še heŋ,
ask-OPP-V.ACT sheep-young AGT QUOTE this possibly not
ŝǒj Ќ ŝu-i gědĭm-zla mĭ-i lyn-bly
because 1 having.qualities-at day-whole.set TOP-at Moon-orbit
ĉu-dâ-bô zen i-l ƴu-van.}
two-three-ADJ only at-through duration-V.STATE

The lamb replied, "That can't be, because my life has been only six months."

ħâň-zô lěpyr tu-i Φǒ: {ce mĭ-i hum-ga-van heŋ,
yell-V.ACT wolf AGT-at QUOTE this TOP-at deep-MET-V.STATE not
ŝǒj ce ĥy-i ryň-ť-zô heŋ bǒ, ʝǒn
because this PAT-at do-2-V.ACT not if therefore.inference
ť lĭw-i kyn tu-i vǒm.}
2 relationship-at parent AGT-at indeed

The wolf cried, "This is not important, because if you did not, your parent did."

nu-šar běrînku ĥy-o sîðyr-ƥ-zô ĵwy-bô,
moment-CONJ sheep PAT-at attack-3-V.ACT fast-ADJ
kiň ƥ-ny ĥy-i vâ-oŋ-zô plyn-bô.
and 3-small PAT-at digestion-into-V.ACT full-ADJ



{tyrn-tla-ħa θĭ-o kujm-ŋĭn kwǒ
tyrrany-professional-ATD4 help-to motive-comment any
mĭ-i žuln-fwa ŋĭn-i.}
TOP-at satisfaction-CAUS CMT-at

Moral: Any excuse will do for a tyrant.

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