danti-ram pe kwě'dâj-cjaj

Translated 2005/12/2 from an English version by Gary Shannon.

danti-ram ĉâ-- vjurm-o ruŋ- tomas-ram tu-i.
Danti-NAME intelligent-OPP2-ADJ visit-to go-V.ACT Thomas-NAME AGT-at
twâ-ƥ- Φǒ:
{θĭl-tôn reŋ ðĭ-i ŝâj-van, - ĥy-i
potato-GNR many relationship-at have.stuff-V.STATE thing-REL PAT-at
kâj- o šâ-ruŋ- mwe. wuŋ-i kwě'dâj-cjaj
exchange-place to carry-go-V.ACT IMP 2 own-at Equidae-SPEC
bâň-van zǒn syj-zô.}
have.permission-V.STATE Q.YN use-V.ACT

Thomas visited Danti, a fool. He said, I have many vegetables to carry to market. May I use your donkey?

[The words for "vegetable" and "donkey" are derived with the suffixes {-tôn} and {-cjaj} from more specific and more general words.]

twâ- danti-ram ĉâ-- tu-i Φǒ:
say-V.ACT Danti-NAME intelligent-OPP2-ADJ AGT-at QUOTE
{mâ ʝǒ ŝâj-o ƥ ĥy-i bwĭl-syj- gwe.}
person another having-to 3 PAT-at give-use-V.ACT already

Danti the fool says, I have already loaned him to someone else.

twâ- tomas-ram tu-i Φǒ: {*twâ-ķy--ť-zô.
say-V.ACT Thomas-NAME AGT-at QUOTE say-true-OPP2-2-V.ACT
ku-pôm ť wuŋ-i rî'mâ h-i-j tyn-van ƥ -i.}
hear-EVD 2 own-at house behind-at-near place-V.STATE 3 TOP-at

Thomas says, You lie! I hear the donkey behind your house.

[The suffix {pôm} derives an evidentiality adverb from a root word.]

twâ- jǒj danti-ram tu-i Φǒ: {?mâ- -i
say-V.ACT again Danti-NAME AGT-at QUOTE person-Q.WH ATT-at
₣ĭ-ť-van. -i pwiň kwě'dâj-cjaj -i zǒn.}
believe-2-V.STATE 1 ATT-at or.exclusive Equidae-SPEC ATT-at Q.YN

Danti replied, who do you believe? me or the donkey?

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