Advertising slogans of the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation

ť lĭw-i kuln pě'ljy-na gǒ, ĥun-i pwĭ-ť-van.
2 relationship-at casual.friend plastic-made.of behold, thing REL together-at delight-2-V.STATE
Your plastic pal who's fun to be with!
syj-ĥun-ť- mwe kiň pwĭ-van.
use-together-2-V.ACT IMP and delight-V.STATE
Share and enjoy!
-ja-tǒj pe sĭŋ-žâw jyn-fwa
digestion-fitting-NOMZ and information-sensation pleasure-CAUS
Nutrition and pleasurable sense data!
ĉǒ -kar pwĭm-tan ŝu-i prâr -i
if digestion-stuff water-like this property-at flavor ATT-at
pwĭ-ť-van, wǒn ť lĭw-i kuln ĥun-i te ĥy-i
enjoy-2-V.STATE then 2 relationship-at friend meet-at 3.INAN PAT-at
syj-ĥun- srem?
use-together-V.ACT Q.YN.PLAN
If you have enjoyed the experience of this drink, why not share it with your friends?

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